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A Poem Called George, Sometimes (excerpt)

Roland Flint

     Before he died, my son made up this poem:

                   There once was a boy
                   Who went to the market
                   And bought some hot chocolate
                  And put it in his red pocket.
I said, it's fine, Ethan, especially that red pocket—
what do you call it? He said, what do you mean? Most
poems have names, I said. And he said, ah…George.
     And when he heard me repeating the story of his
poem and of its naming, he said, sometimes I call it

* * *

"A Poem Called George, Sometimes" (excerpt) from Resuming Green: Selected Poems, 1965-1982 by Roland Flint. Copyright © 1983 by Roland Flint. Reprinted with the  permission of the author.


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