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El Chicle

Ana Castillo

(for Marcel)

Mi'jo and I were laughing—ha, ha, ha
when the gum he chewed fell out of his mouth
and into my hair which, after I clipped it,
flew in the air, on the back of a dragonfly
that dipped in the creek and was snapped fast
by a turtle that reached high and swam deep.
Mi'jo wondered what happened to that gum,
worried that it stuck to the back
of my seat and Mami will be mad when
she can't get it out. Meanwhile,
the turtle in the pond that ate the dragonfly
that carried the hair
with the gum on its back
swam South and hasn't been seen once

* * *

"El Chicle" by Ana Castillo. Originally appeared in The Massachusetts Review. Reprinted with permission of the author


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