Samuel Amadon

A Uselessness of Amadons


Asked how I ended up breaking into
the high school.  Perfectly, myself
dragged a gym-horse to a classroom,
said to it Something wrong with how

you keep my adrenaline away from me
What a thing to do, dividing myself

between a piece of gym equipment
borrowed & a mind gone off when

no one told to answer.  & yes, knew
we were distinct.  & yes, still climbed

my arms around & hung under gap
at the middle of it where wouldn't

fit what wanted like birds outside
surgical in how they hide the night.


Samuel Amadon edits Projective Industries with Stephanie Anderson. He lives in Houston.


Intern, 2005-2006; Screener, 2008

* * *
Poem copyright © Samuel Amadon. All rights reserved. Reprinted with the permission of the author.

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