Spicer and Guest in LA

Appearing now in Los Angeles - newest additions to Poetry In Motion®

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Letter from the Executive Director

Recently the Poetry Society of America launched its Centennial year with a widely praised exhibit, "Portraits of Poets, 1910-2010." There were more than 150 images of poets—oil paintings, drawings, photographs, even two stone frescoes—spanning the hundred years of the organization's history.  It was thrilling to represent the glory and the range of our poetry in the 20th century and beyond, and we were especially proud of the images of African American poets we included. Read Full Post


A toasty room on a wintry-cold February evening…

The spring, 2010 "Poems & Pints" series, co-hosted at The Fraunces Tavern, New York's oldest, by the Poetry Society of America, the nation's oldest poetry organization, and the dynamic Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, launched last night with a reading byTerese Svoboda and Molly Peacock. Read Full Post

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