Awards Season

Announcing the 2014 Poetry Society of America Chapbook Fellowship Winners

Each year four renowned poets select and introduce a  manuscript for publication. Each winner receives $1000. It is our pleasure to congratulate the winners of last falls contest.

National Chapbook Fellowship Winners

True to Life: cuttings, mechanics & modifications
     by HL Hazuka
selected by Forrest Gander

Arctic Revival by Callie Siskel
selected by Elizabeth Alexander

New York Chapbook Fellowship Winners

AEONS by Max Ritvo
selected by Jean Valentine

Thirst by Eva Maria Saavedra
selected by Marilyn Hacker


Submit to our next round of Annual Awards!

Each year from October to December the Poetry Society holds contests for poets at all stages of their careers. A prize for high school students, our Chapbook Fellowships for and our award for a poet over forty who has published no more than one book are just a few.

Annual Awards judges include:

Stephen BurtHonorée JeffersFady JoudahDana LevinAnge Mlinko, Jim Moore, Aimee NezhukumatathilAlan Shapiro, and Rachel Zucker. 

Chapbook judges will be:

Marilyn Chin, Jane Hirshfield, A. Van Jordan, and Don Paterson

Accepting Submissions October 1st—December 22nd.

For guidelines see our website


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