Join Today

Dear Friends,

Back in 1910, forty of the country's leading poets and writers enrolled as charter members of the newly formed Poetry Society of America. Now, almost 107 years later, our members remain the foundation of our organization, the anchor of all our efforts.

I'm writing to encourage you to renew or join us as a member.

As a member, you join a historic community of poetry readers and writers. In earlier times, Langston Hughes, Amy Lowell, Marianne Moore, and Wallace Stevens—among many others—were active members. PSA members today include John Ashbery, Billy Collins, Rita Dove, Cornelius Eady, Robert Hass, Mary Oliver, Marie Ponsot, Elizabeth Alexander, Jean Valentine, and Kimiko Hahn, our newly elected Board President.

What all of our members have in common is their belief in the importance of poetry.

Through PSA initiatives to bring poetry to public places, we aim to extend the scope of poetry's readership. We place poems on trains and buses around the country through the beloved Poetry in Motion program and on the grounds of the New York Botanical Garden all year long. We also bring writers into the classrooms at Harlem Academy through our annual Visiting Poets Program. Our awards continue to provide recognition for both lifetime achievement and emerging new voices. This June, we publish numbers 48-52 in our award-winning PSA Chapbook Fellowship Program, which has launched the careers of so many of our most talented young poets since 2003.

PSA programs are all made possible by support from our community of readers, writers, and lovers of poetry like yourself. Please join us today and help us continue to place poetry at the crossroads of American life.

Yours sincerely, and with all warm wishes and great gratitude,

Alice Quinn
Executive Director