Becoming Another

Poets Morgan Parker, Robyn Schiff, Stephen Motika, Patricia Smith, Safia Elhillo, and Poetry Society of America's Executive Director Alice Quinn read poems composed in response to masks from Rubin Museum's exhibition Becoming Another

Tibetan monks will perform a ritual masked dance called cham between readings.

Attendees will each receive a chapbook of mask images and related poems written by the featured poets, as well as Tarfia Faizullah, Fady Joudah, Richard Siken, Atsuro Riley, and Brenda Shaughnessy.

The evening will be followed by a tour of Becoming Another: the Power of Masks led by Dominique Townsend, Assistant Director of Interpretation and Engagement. 

Admission is $15

Rubin Museum
150 West 17th Street

You can read or listen to the poems and learn more about the exhibition here.

For more information or for tickets visit the Rubin's website