Summer Reading

It's the first day of summer, and the Poetry Society has your summer reading covered with our four new chapbooks.



William Brewer

"I stopped counting the number of times I threw my head back with a sob as I read these poems. Or how often I thought, simply, Wow. William Brewer's Oxyana presents a portrait of community writhing in crisis."

Marilyn Nelson, PSA Chapbook Judge



Nonstop Godhead
Analicia Sotelo

"The poems of Nonstop Godhead shape an expansive imaginative landscape that becomes fortified by Sotelo's use of myth, folklore, art, and personal history."

Rigoberto González, PSA Chapbook Judge



Death of a Nativist
Ryan Black

"Ryan Black has written poems of enormous urgency for our time: at once a blistering critique of racism and xenophobia in America and an equally blistering critique of the high- and middlebrow- condescension that sequester us all in cultural spheres that might as well be holding cells."

Linda Gregerson, PSA Chapbook Judge



Late Frontier
Brandon Kreitler

"Brandon Kreitler's Late Frontier sidesteps the mythologies and constructions of exceptionalism and opportunity in the land of milk and honey, and magnifies the ruthless dissonance between life as it is lived in the twenty-first century and the grandiloquent rhetoric that camouflages and renders invisible whole communities whose fate visibly challenges notions of social mobility."

Major Jackson, PSA Chapbook Judge