Awards Season is upon us!

Annual Awards and Chapbook Fellowships
Accepting Submissions until December 23rd

Annual Awards judges include:

Dan Beachy-Quick,  Erin Belieu, Richard Blanco, Jericho Brown, Jessica Greenbaum, John Koethe, Joan Larkin, Maggie Nelson, Alberto Rios, and A. E. Stallings.

Chapbook judges: 
Elizabeth Alexander, Forrest Gander, 
Marilyn Hacker, and Jean Valentine. 

Each year from October to December the Poetry Society offers contests for poets at all stages of their careers, from a prize for high school students, to our Chapbook Fellowships for poets who have not yet published a full-length collection, to our first book contest, and our award for a poet over forty who has published no more than one book. 

We're thrilled to announce we're currently accepting submissions, which are free to members.

Begin your submission today. Good luck!


New on the Website
Poetry Society of America recognizes New American Poets

Michael Flatt, selected by J. Michael Martinez
Lillian-Yvonne Bertram, selected by Aracelis Girmay
Simone White, selected by Anna Moschovakis
Lynn Xu, selected by Cathy Park Hong
Gary Jackson, selected by Jennifer Chang
Anthony Madrid, selected by Timothy Donnelly
Natalie Diaz, selected by Adrian Matejka
Allison Seay, selected by Joshua Poteat
HR Hegnauer, selected by Eric Baus
Lauren Shufran, selected by Rebecca Wolff
Jane Gregory, selected by Amanda Nadelberg
Jordan Davis, selected by Katie Degentesh
Josh Bell, selected by Mark Bibbins                


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