Dear Johnny, In Your Last Letter

by Angela Veronica Wong

selected by Bob Hicok

dear johnny, i don't
know when i became
gunshy about
kissing boys--now
when i feel restless i
go out, drink too much,
flirt with boys who
don't look like me.
i think more
sex should happen
on couches--
legs butterflying
legs and
bodies wedged
into creases.
everything is not
this simple. anyway
i can't find
the remote.
these days the words
and his wife are
like a death to me.
at what age
should i be wanting
that? who did i
just lie to? i am
envious of mothers
with their full
fridges. i self-medicate
by purchasing vacation
deals online.
let's not worry
about the other side
of the bed.

(originally published in Nerve Cowboy)

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