Recent Winners


Death of a Nativist by Ryan Black, selected by Linda Gregerson

Late Frontier by Brandon Kreitler, selected by Major Jackson

Nonstop Godhead by Analicia Sotelo, selected by Rigoberto González

Oxyana by William Brewer, selected by Marilyn Nelson


Dreams of Unhappiness by Sarah Trudgeon, selected by Don Paterson

Instructions for Building a Wind Chime by Adriana Cloud, selected by Jane Hirshfield

Of Nectar by Amanda Turner, selected by A. Van Jordan

Year Zero by Monica Sok, selected by Marilyn Chin


Aeons by Max Ritvo, selected by Jean Valentine

Arctic Revival by Callie Siskel, selected by Elizabeth Alexander

Thirst by Eva Maria Saaverda, selected by Marilyn Hacker

True to Life: cuttings, mechanics, & modifications by HL Hazuka, selected by Forrest Gander