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Anne Boyer on "Science Fiction”

...missing novel begins with this missing quote by Hannah Arendt: "the freedom ...

El Chicle


Lee Upton

Second Century Angel

Angie Estes

...been held between black marks and quoted the way walls hold the place ...what we say, but how to quote what once was there: departure, arrival, ...And also with you. (And I quote.) Finger puppets engaged in liturgy, quotation ...nothing comes close." (And I quote.) And also with you: to bless, ...

Brian Henry

Fritz Ward

Lee Upton

Wayne Miller

Paul Hendricks

Daneen Wardrop

Jocelyn Emerson



...the city displaying a series of quotes that convey the impact, history, and ...

Marie Ponsot

1999 Frost Medalist Barbara Guest

2006 Frost Medalist Maxine Kumin

...impetus and validity. Here, and I quote, "our voices, our power has ...

2012 Frost Medalist Marilyn Nelson

...really loved was Robert Frost. They quoted lines. A hunger for poetry still ...

2016 Frost Medalist Grace Schulman

...explode in a hard rain. To quote Marianne Moore once again, the process ...

A (indef. article)

A Conversation: Jean Valentine & Eve Grubin

...Kunitz's long ago, and she quoted Stanley as saying that everyone has ...being said? EG: I read a quote by a young writer who said: &...

A Conversation: Sherman Alexie & Diane Thiel

Adrian Matejka

Alice Notley on Philip Whalen

...I'm trying to find a quote I can never find (I've ...But I can't find the quote again; I wonder if someone else ...

Allison Titus on "Oh Little Fox" poem. 7) There is a quote on a scrap of paper that ...

An Interview with Dara Wier

An Interview with Joni Wallace

...Edward Teller, for one). He's quoted as saying, about the making of ...

Anne Boyer on "Science Fiction”

...missing novel begins with this missing quote by Hannah Arendt: "the freedom ...could not be known." Another quote, from a book review by someone ...

Anthony Hecht

Arda Collins

Ashley Capps, selected by Oni Buchanan

Ben Fama on "Conscripts of Modernity"

...year. andrew sends me a warhol quote: warhol's asked "do you ...

Billy Collins

Bob Holman

Bonnie Costello on Marianne Moore

Brenda Cárdenas

...quot;political") investigates, deconstructs, reformulates, quotes, splices, collages, and through a gathering ...

Brian Teare

Brian Turner cry foul. I originally had quotes from a well-known politician in ...

Brittany Perham on "DP.f.30"

...I think of Pasteur's famous quote, "chance favors the prepared mind&...

Burning Deck: Still Burning Brightly

...behind Burning Deck books, the above quotes will come as no surprise, and ...

Cara Benson

Carolyn Kizer

Catherine Barnett on Emily Dickinson of my particular eternities (to quote Steve Orlen). "The Loneliness One ...

Celebrating 15 Years of the Poetry Society of America’s Chapbook Fellowship

...process is a difficult one. Quinn quoted Nick Flynn in his introduction to ...

Celebrating a Literary Keystone: A Tribute to Daniel Halpern

Charles Bernstein

Charles Bernstein on Haroldo de Campos

Charles Martin

...quarrel with Harriet Monroe over the quote from Walt Whitman that adorned the ...

Claudia Keelan On “Continuous Acts”

...the stranger" and in numerous quotes from literature of all genres, from ...

Constance Merritt

Daniel Hoffman on Elizabeth McFarland

Danielle Pafunda

Dante Micheaux

David Rivard

...history.  Czeslaw Milosz likes to quote Simone Weil on contradiction:  "...

Deborah Landau's "Welcome to the Future"

Denise Duhamel

Donald Revell

Don Share on Miguel Hernández

Dorothea Tanning

...anyway I can't. Let me quote them: There was a muddy center ...

Douglas Crase on "True Solar Holiday"

...than the critic who offers 'this quote I have taken at random.' Whatever ...

Eamon Grennan

Eavan Boland

Eavan Boland on Thom Gunn

...of deception and isolation. It was quoted and re-quote

Eavan Boland on William Wordsworth

Edwin Torres

...contemporary "American Poetry" (with quote marks), which is no doubt a ...

El Chicle

Elisa Gabbert on "Jack always feels like someone is watching."

...I remember finding the two Emerson quotes in a list on Goodreads. (Emerson ...appears once more in the book, quoted by Jack: "Truth is shrill ...

Elizabeth Spires on Josephine Jacobsen

Eugene Ostashevsky on Alexander Vvedensky’s “Snow Lies” and the meaning of its form

Fady Joudah

Farid Matuk, selected by Geoffrey G. O'Brien

Fernando Pessoa & His Heteronyms

Fragments of Loss

Garrett Caples on Philip Lamantia

...what comes after. Though I'd quoted on more than one occasion Rexroth'...

George Herbert appreciate Herbert, in fact, she quotes Housman to the effect that "...

giovanni singleton, selected by Lyrae Van Clief-Stefanon

How to Be Perfect & The Mind-Body Problem: Padgett and Pollit Reading Report

...too. So here's what I quoted in my introduction:   From Billy ...

Ilya Kaminsky

In Memoriam: Two Poems

Jacqueline Osherow with an old Jewish joke, quoted by James Atlas in a magazine ...stanza in mind. If poetry is quoted here, it's for utilitarian purposes. ...

James Laughlin, Publisher & Poet

...the thing I more despise is quote poetic unquote

Janice N. Harrington

Jason Koo

...all"—I'll explain the quotes—the joint recordings made by Billie ...quot; (Is this perhaps death?) Strauss quotes the Transfiguration theme from his earlier ...

Jay Hopler

Jennifer Chang

Jonathan Lethem on Kenneth Koch

Jonathan Safran Foer on Paul Muldoon

Jordan Davis on "Shell Game"

...I don't remember which Barfield quote this refers to, and I'm ...

Joshua Clover

Joshua Corey

Joshua Edwards, selected by Srikanth Reddy

Joshua Marie Wilkinson on Meadow Slasher

...brings me to a couple of quotes I can't slip free of. ...

Joyelle McSweeney on "The Contagious Knives"

Justin Goldberg

K. Silem Mohammad

...and thus very formal breach. To quote Emily Dickinson slightly out of context, &...


Karen Weiser, selected by Prageeta Sharma

Katy Lederer's "The Heaven-Sent Leaf"

...This is a John Kenneth Galbraith quote that pretty sums up the process ...

Kazim Ali

Ken Chen within a poetics where, to quote Eric Gamalinda, "in the moonlit ...

Kim Addonizio on "Penis Blues"

LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs

...there can be no exhumation (to quote M. NourbeSe Philip); here, land locked ...

Latino/a Poetry Now: 2 poets, 3 countries

...why my book opens with a quote by Czeslaw Milosz, "Language is ...quot; Ruth Irupé Sanabria: Milosz's quote brings me back to when I ...Art of Exile's epigraph, a quote by Czeslaw Milosz, "language is ...

Latino/a Poetry Now: 3 poets discuss their art

...quot; I've been inserting this quote into almost every conversation I can ...Rosa, thank you for the Spivak quote. It holds hands, in a way, ...

Latino/a Poetry Now: roundtable 3 featuring 3: Candelaria, Duarte, González

...I will explain by plucking a quote from each one of you and ...

Latino/a Poetry Now: roundtable 4 featuring: Martínez, Smith and, Tejada

...attempting to say is, to Miss Quote, when the cat's urine from ...

Lee Briccetti on “Sky Notes / Sky Sonnet (1)” place. Another note: the Whitman quotes of the epigraph are from Specimen ...

Light the Fight A World AIDS Day Experience

...the city displaying a series of quotes that convey the impact, history, and ...

Lisa Wells on "Under the Water, Carry the Water"

...dread of dizzy freedom. (Another strategy: quote Kierkegaard in an attempt to elevate ...

Lorine Niedecker and the Obstinacy of the Particular

...quality that is striking about the quoted passage is its willingness to accept ...

Lucille Clifton, 1936-2010

Lynn Emanuel

Lynn Emanuel

Lyrae Van-Clief Stefanon

Maggie Nelson on Eileen Myles

...Carr's biography of David, she quotes a student at Illinois State University—...

Magnanimous, Magnificent: A Marie Ponsot Tribute, with remarks by Sapphire

Marie Ponsot

Mark Doty

...the poems of James Wright. I quoted three lines of Wright's I'...

Mark Strand on Donald Justice

Mary Ann Caws on Pierre Reverdy

...1974, pp. 583-584), the text quoted was simply inscribed in the edition ...

Mary Jo Bang's Dante

...explain tra Feltro e Feltro" (quoted in Vernon, Readings on the Inferno ...

Mary von Schrader Jarrell on Randall Jarrell

Matthea Harvey & Justin Bennett's Wave Metronomes & Stone Pianos

Matthew Dickman

...above my desk there is a quote, written on a beer coaster, that ...

Meghan O'Rourke

Notes from our Annual Dickinson Evening in D.C.

...about The Master Letters, which I quoted during our discussion as I can'...

On "Wild Nights"

...checking, I can't find the quote.  They may be my own ...

On Beauty: Carl Phillips

On Beauty: Charles Altieri

On Beauty: Fanny Howe

On Beauty: Reginald Shepherd

...proportion of strangeness in it. To quote Thomas Nashe's "A Litany ...selves and rise reborn. I have quoted and cited, referred and alluded, but ...

On Chapbooks: Aaron Kunin's "Cold Genius"

...lose depth, they lose meaning. The quoted and re-quotequote at length:   [. . . .] "And" ...

On Chapbooks: Greta Goetz's "Dendrochronology"

On Christopher Smart's "Jubilate Agno, Fragment B"

On Complexity: Bob Perelman

...One of Louis Zukofsky's often-quoted definitions situates poetry above speech and ...

On Complexity: David Rivard

On Complexity: Susan Mitchell

On Ernst Meister

On Form: Greg Williamson

On Form: Kevin Young

...his National Book Award acceptance speech, quoted above, John Berryman goes on to ...

On Form: Rachel Wetzsteon

On Lalla

On Norma Farber's "Year of Reversible Loss"

On Samuel Taylor Coleridge's Biographica Literaria

On Sir Thomas Wyatt's "Epigram XLI"

On The Song of Roland

On Virgil's Georgics

On Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass

Orlando White, selected by Kazim Ali





Paola Capó-García on "Yellow"

...I answered "dirty," to quote Stein (note: I got the job). ...


Poems Could Be Pop

Poet Novelist: An Interview with Ben Lerner

...poetry most beautiful when it's quoted in prose—line breaks replaced with ...

Poet Novelist: An Interview with Eileen Myles

...winter room…" I think the quotes you've used can't be ...

Prageeta Sharma

...from which all humans speak. To quote Fanon: "To speak...means above ...make poems that question—and to quote Whitman about the body: "Each ...

PSA at the White House: On the 2011 National Medal of Arts and National Humanities Medal Ceremony

...President, an avid reader of poetry, quoted Emily Dickinson as he congratulated the ...

Questions of Faith: Coleman Barks

Rachel Eliza Griffiths

Rachel Hadas

...seem even more difficult. Let me quote a paragraph's worth of what ...

Robert Creeley

Roundtable pt 1

Roundtable pt 2

...unlocked." I am loathe to quote my own poem, but it was ...The poem opens, aptly, with a quote by Victor Hernandez Cruz: "The ...

Samuel Beckett's "Cascando"

...later in the 'Whoroscope' Notebook he quotes the opening lines of the 'Art ...

Sara Nicholson, selected by Joshua Edwards

...speak. (I am reminded a Vonnegut quote along the lines of "Everything ...

Sharon Mesmer

...I use "free" in quotes because as a woman Bradstreet's ...

Spencer Short

Stanley Kunitz on Theodore Roethke

Stuart Greenhouse

...little way. Another is to, to quote Stevens, "resist the intelligence almost ...

The Challenge of the New Sun: An Afterword

The Editors on Scout

...400 words with a focus on quoted text to support the points made; ...

Tiana Clark on "Conversation with Phillis Wheatley #2"

...grace of slaves in her often-quoted poem, "On Being Brought from ...

Tony Tost, including her own oral autobiography (quoted below), can be found in Maria ...

Tribute to the Greatest Symbolist Ever

Ursula K. LeGuin


Why Poetry: An interview with Matthew Zapruder Nathalie Leger, which has this quote from an actor: "I lack ...

Maggie Nelson on Eileen Myles

...Carr's biography of David, she quotes a student at Illinois State University—...

Second Century Angel

Second Century Friend

Second Century Muse